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Greetings! My name is Iris Lucas, owner of Quality Handmade Soaps (QHS). It is an honor to provide my community with quality products. 

Although I am grateful for my customers' support and lovely comments, I want to also give Thanks and credit to the Most High and Mother Nature for providing the knowledge and materials to make my products. 

I am a native Memphian and I am married with children and grandchildren. When my children were younger, they developed skin rashes from using commercial soaps and washing detergents. This lead me to do some research on soaps, and I found that commercial soaps are made with synthetic materials, instead of wholesome ingredients. So, I became more selective with soaps and detergents. Later, I decided to make my own soap. I created my own recipes and gave my creations away to family and friends. My soaps were so well liked that I decided to start my own small business.

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