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Our soaps are made with the finest ingredients for your skin: olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter just to name a few. Treat your skin with one of our moisturizing soaps today.

Our bath bombs will have you feeling relaxed in your tub. The combination of oil and magnesium sulfate are beneficial to the skin and muscles. Choose from a variety of wonderful scents.


After some research, I found that the commercial soaps were not really soaps, but harsh detergents not really pleasing to the skin. This prompted me to create my own soaps so I could control the ingredients to produce better soap. That's why I started my own soap business Quality Handmade Soaps (QHS).  My mission is to provide customers with the finest quality of soaps. Soaps that clean as well as moisturize and is also healthy for the skin. Do your skin a favor, shop at Quality Handmade Soaps, where handmade is the best made.